He Cheated For The Second Time: Should You Forgive Him AGAIN?

second time cheaterHe Cheated Again

He cheated: Did you catch him in the act?

A few months back I came home early from work in Victoria and found my boyfriend having sex with someone in our apartment. Obviously I was outraged and wanted out of the relationship, but we had just signed a lease together and I couldn’t pay for the place on my own. Knowing that he cheated on me in our own apartment gave me the creeps, but after talking things through, he convinced me that it had been the first and only time he had ever cheated and that he would never do it again. For some reason I believed him and despite having caught him in the act I decided to forgive himeven though he cheated.

Forgive him: Does he deserve it this time?

Months went by without any fishy behaviour and our relationship was growing stronger everyday. I was amazed at how easy it had been to forgive him and move past the cheating, and I was happy with my decision — until I found out that he had cheated on me again. I found out he cheated when I was changing out bed sheets and found an earring in the pillow case. I showed it to him, knowing that he had once again cheated on me while I away at work in Victoria but he denied it. This time I knew that I would not be able to forgive him and I instantly put our apartment up for rent, deciding it would be best for us to both move out into smaller apartments.

How to forgive a cheater: Dealing with mixed emotions

The hard part about living with someone you’re broken up with is having to see them everyday, and eventually my anger simmered down and we started acting amicably. Still, I couldn’t believe how I had forgiven a cheater and been rewarded with getting cheated on. The fact that he was inviting women over and having sex with them in our bed really grossed me out so I knew that I could never forgive or date him again. To make matters worse, I was dealing with mixed emotions because I was still living with this person and I was becoming depressed.

He cheated… Twice

After a couple weeks went by without anyone wanting to rent our apartment, my ex-boyfriend started trying to get me back, and as much as I didn’t want to get back with him, I was vulnerable. Before I knew what was happening, he had convinced me to get back with him for a third time, and I felt like three-times the fool. I knew that I had made the wrong decision when I started feeling paranoid whenever I left our apartment to go to work. Since he had already cheated on me twice, I knew that he was going to strike again and I really didn’t want to deal with it.

Congrats! You now have trust issues

One day when I was at work, I received a call from a couple saying that they wanted to rent our apartment and I instantly jumped at the opportunity without consulting my boyfriend first. I had started to experience major anxiety and trust issues because of my partner’s infidelity, and I desperately wanted out. I went home, packed my bags, found myself a new apartment and broke up with him that same day.