Things to avoid if you’re having an affair

dating mistakesDating Mistakes to Avoid

The problem with affairs is the consequences of getting caught. The thing that’s most exciting about having an affair is the possibility that you might get caught. Marriages in the modern era really don’t seem like they’re meant to last. People pair off for the purpose having kids and they stay together as long as they have to in order to achieve that goal. Once the kids are raised and off to college then they get a divorce and go their separate ways.

In the meantime, no one should be forced into the position of celibacy because sex and intimacy are natural human drives and there’s no good reason to spend one second of your life without either. It doesn’t matter that you’re married. What matters is that this is your one and only life and you are not being fair to yourself if you don’t live it to fullest.

If this is sort of what’s happening in your life right now then you should know that there are others out there that feel the exact same way. That’s why affair dating sites have popped up all over the internet for folks who are looking to cheat on distant spouses using online dating services. Somewhere along the line it became apparent to cheaters that staying in a non-fulfilling committed relationship was a waste of their precious life. They also realized that in order to get away with it, it was best to seek out sexual relationships with other married people who were in similar situations to them.

How to have sex online if you’re married

It sucks to be married to someone who resents you and makes you feel crappy about yourself. I was married to my wife for 15 years and the last five of them were completely miserable. She never wanted to make love and all she did was criticize me. I realize now this had a lot to do with her depression, but it wasn’t fair of her to take all of those issues out on me. I deserved better. So I signed up for an affair dating website and I ended up meeting a beautiful woman my age and we started talking online. She told me about her kids and her situation with her husband and how things had gone cold between them, and I related to everything she was saying.

We ended up coming up with a plan together to figure out how we would meet and get away with it. It was really exciting. She told her husband that she was going to have a girls night and probably end up drinking so she wouldn’t be driving home, and I told my wife I had an out of town conference for work and that I’d be gone for a night.

When we met it was magical. It was like the first time I had met my wife, maybe even better. We had dinner and drinks, and then we spent all night together in a hotel room. It was the best night I could remember. When we were together, all the bullshit at home seemed to disappear. We were alive again. Something that had laid long dormant was re-awakened.

How to cheat and get away with it

We started doing this pretty regularly so there are some tips I can give you on how to lie about your affair.

Firstly, you want to supply your spouse with a cogent and likely narrative. Having a girl’s night out or doing conferences made sense in the context of me and my liaison’s lives. It worked because it was already a part of our lives. She already spent time with her girlfriends, and I already left town to do conferences. The only thing that had changed really was the frequency. So the lie was already tethered nicely into the truth. The narrative of my wife’s life did not change much.

Secondly, you want to avoid anything that would get her thinking something is out of the ordinary. Any signs that you were with another woman or that something has changed in your life will lead her to thinking about what is different. You want to trumpet the sameness and the doldrums of each day. It was her self-imposed doldrums that made me stray anyway. She liked feeling sorry for herself so I let her do just that. Ugh. Even now to think about her makes me nauseous and angry.

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