Using the power of the bible to forgive him for cheating

biblical forgivenessBiblical Forgiveness

He Cheated? It Might Not be Over

Are you a Christian woman living in Albury-Wodonga? Have you recently been cheated on by your husband? If the answer is yes to both, it’s important for you to know that the relationship might not be over after he cheated. In fact, there might be valuable lessons that both of you can learn after this ordeal. Thanks to the teachings of the bible, Christians all over the world are equipped to deal with all trials in life, including infidelity. Adultery is one of the main temptations in the story of the bible, and for good reason. The temptation to cheat is something that is inside us all. What separates us is the fact that not everyone acts on their inherent impulse to cheat. Most of us have the strength of character to abstain from cheating, no matter how tempting it might seem. However, some of us succumb to that temptation. We are only mortal, after all, so this is understandable. Just because someone has made a mistake, that does not make them a bad person. Perhaps the mistake was necessary in order to illuminate their negative tendencies, and it can be a lesson that they can use in their path to growth. Even you, as the victim of infidelity, might have a lot to learn from being cheated on. Namely, you can learn the power of forgiveness, which is one of the most underrated powers in the universe.

Biblical Forgiveness for Cheating

Biblical teachings have given us a lot of insight when it comes to forgiveness of cheating. Forgiveness is something that Jesus preached over and over again, for good reason. It’s easy for us to hold hatred in our hearts over something that people did to us. Hatred is the most natural impulse to gravitate towards. However, before hatred consumes you, it’s important to be open to the power of forgiveness. Forgiving is always the harder road to follow, and it always provides grander rewards than hatred.

The Bible Shows us How to Forgive

The Bible actually shows us how to forgive, if we look closely enough. From my experience, forgiveness in the bible centers around an understanding of the fundamental flaws in human nature. We were made from God’s image, but we are only mortal beings. Given that, we have the potential to make horrible mistakes throughout our lives. Forgiving someone means forgiving them for their flawed nature. In a way, when you forgive someone else for being who they are, you are also forgiving yourself for the same thing.

Forgive Him with Lessons from the Bible

You can forgive him as long as you use the lessons in the Bible well. The great Book has taught us endless new lessons over the years, and there are endless more to learn from. Forgiveness and its importance cannot be understated, as it is the only thing that will allow you to move on from being the victim of infidelity.

Cheating Forgiveness the Old Fashioned Way

Cheating forgiveness the old fashioned way is the way I went about it, and it might also work for you. Forgiveness can be found from the Bible, as well as several other sources. You just need to be attentive enough to look for the signs, and you need to be patient enough to allow love to fill your heart once more.