To Forgive Or Not To Forgive — What Would Jesus Do?

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He cheated: Should you forgive him?

Being able to forgive someone after they caused you a tremendous amount of emotional pain is truly a gift. Although some people see forgiving a cheater as a weak, others might argue that it actually requires a large amount of strength. If he cheated on you and was honest enough to tell you about what happened, he is obviously trying to rid himself of the guilt he is feeling and doesn’t want to live a lie, which clearly proves that he isn’t that bad of a person. Forgiving him for cheating will not only release him of his pain but it will release you of yours. Forgiving someone for cheating doesn’t mean that you are willing to get back together with them, it simply means that you want to leave the past behind and move into the future without any resentment. Forgiving someone for cheating is entirely up to you, but just remember that keeping a grudge is carrying extra baggage with you wherever you go.

How to forgive: Keeping your faith

If you’re a Christian living in Doncaster, you are probably aware that adultery is a sin. With this being said, learning how to forgive a cheater while keeping your faith is very hard to do. Since the bible clearly labels cheating as a sin, it can be conflicting to forgive your loved one. However it is important to remember that they are the one who came clean and didn’t worsen their actions by lying about them to your face.

Cheating forgiveness: Is he sorry?

When your loved one has admitted to cheating on you, what can you really do besides forgive them? Offering forgiveness to someone who has deeply hurt you will stop you from bottling up your anger and becoming a negative person. Forgiveness isn’t always the first thing on our minds when we get cheated on, but it shouldn’t be our last thought either. If you’re having trouble dealing with a cheating spouse ask yourself what Jesus would do if he received such a confession, and base your actions off your faith.

Biblical forgiveness for cheating: Isn’t cheating a sin?

Cheating has always been viewed as a sin in the bible, and if you are a Christian you might be wondering how biblical forgiveness works for someone who had confessed to their sins. Biblical forgiveness for cheating isn’t a topic that is regularly discusses, but it should be because Christians are people like everybody else, and people cheat.

Committing to forgiveness: Can you find it in your heart?

Choosing between committing to forgiveness and believing that all cheaters are sinners can become very confusing. And so if you’re having trouble interpreting the bible it might be wise to to look within your heart and find your own answer. If you are terribly hurt by your partner’s action, you don’t need to continue dating them — the choice is entirely yours. However, finding it in your heart to commit to forgiveness whether or not you choose to pursue your relationship is something that you should give some serious thought to. Take all the time you need to sort out your emotions and then make a choice, but make sure to make a choice that also has your best interests at heart.